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Our Story:

Our StoryIn March of 2006 two local physicians, Dr. Tom Gore and Dr. Bob Copeland had a vision to develop a medical clinic for the working poor or near poor of Troup County, Georgia.

Their vision was to create a clinic for those in our area that are working and trying to support their respective families, pay their rent, make their car payment, pay their other financial obligations and in many cases, send their children to college, along with trying everyday to make ends meet.

These are the citizens that fall through the cracks in not only our nation’s medical services but in many other areas as well.

This group is comprised of hard working members of our society that simply need a little support and help.

In June of 2007, the Troup Cares Free Clinic saw its first patient.

The Troup Cares Network has the following network partners:

  • Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center
  • Southern Cardiology Group
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Jim Thornton, Mayor and Attorney at Law
  • LaGrange Personal Aid
  • United Way
  • Heart of West Georgia
  • Medical Park Foundation
  • CMC Pharmaceuticals
  • First Baptist Church on the Square
  • LaGrange College School of Nursing
  • LaGrange Noon Lions Club
  • West Point Fund

Each of these entities is supported by the Troup Cares Network, Inc. which provides guidance, organization of both in-kind assistance and financial help.

In June of 2009, we hired a full time nurse practitioner along with a full time care manager / registered nurse.  This event allowed the clinic to move into a three full-day operation. In December of 2010, the clinic expanded to include Mondays.

Currently we have a network of 45 volunteer practitioners which include physicians, chiropractic, optometry, physical therapy and podiatry.  Six physicians serve as in-clinic practitioners and the remaining 33 are specialists that are available on a referral basis. We also have nine nurses that volunteer their time within the clinic setting.

Our specialists include, cardiology, chiropractic,dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, nephrology, optometry, orthopedics, physical therapy, podiatry, pulmonology, surgery, urology and other services.

These doctors and nurses are special and donate their time and talents on a no fee basis.

With our entire mission in place the clinic is open four days per week and we have physician referral services available five days per week along with our pharmaceutical and care manager functions.

Accomplishments --- We at the Troup Cares Free Clinic have provided our patients with something that they have never had --- A Medical Home.  Our patients can now come to our clinic at the onset of medical issues, and in most cases we can handle it either in house or through one of our many specialists.  This is a major breakthrough away from the emergency room cycle into which so many of our patients have fallen.

We have also established a full time Care Management program and Pharmaceutical Assistance program for our patients.  These two programs have allowed our professional staff the opportunity to work with and plan for the medical and care direction for each of our patients.  We have already seen many examples of in house solutions to medical issues which eliminated visits to the emergency room and possible hospital admission.  Our patients are now calling the Troup Cares Free Clinic at the onset of medical problems.